Sanitary Evacuation


When life depends on reactivity , hospitals, assistance companies, individuals rely on air transport, the fastest way to transfer sick or wounded people …
Associated with FGIworl NC in the EIG MEDEVAC NC, Air Alizé provides medical evacuation missions in the South Pacific.
We can coordinate a medical team and an air ambulance that will be available in minimum time


IMG_3479Exclusive provider of air ambulance for the medical emergency services of New Caledonia during 5 years, we have a real experience in the medical evacuation’s field.
Our aircrafts dedicated specially to medevac mission allows us to be airborne in 2 hours time to most of destinations in the South Pacific region.

Our Citation CJ4 jet, equipped for medical evacuation can quickly reach the major hospitals of the region (Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland …).

The performance of our two Beechcraft B200 aircraft equipped Raisbeck kits allows them to operate from a small roughly prepared airstrips, common in the South Pacific islands.



consommablesMedical material :

  • “Resuscitation” Medevac KIT
  • “Pediatric” Kit
  • Lifepack monitor
  • stretcher and IV holder
  • oxygen
  • monitors
  • neonatal incubator
  • electric syringe driver